Jobs vs Business? Have you ever struggled between seeking a well-paying job and making an investment to launch a business? Every person has thought about this age-old question at some point or another. Following are some key factors in the job vs business argument that you should take into account before making your decision if you are still shaky about it.

What is a Job?

Job refers to a full time or part-time employment in a company, office or an organization under supervision. In a job a person is assigned tasks by their boss or supervisors according to their professional capabilities. According to work ability, working hours and` designation, a person gets a fixed amount of salary.

What is Business?

Business is running a company, office or an organization alone or with a group of  people in which you are your own boss, you assign task to your employees and supervise them. You decide your employee’s salary but you don’t have your fixed salary instead all the excess profit besides the company’s expenses is yours. You make all the decisions regarding company, employees, and everything.


Launch your Own Business:

Starting a business at its initial stage seems to be difficult because it requires a lot of investment & efforts. But if we consider this point seriously, we will see that not all businesses require a larger amount of investment. Initially, a person can open a food cart which is less expensive. On the other hand, jobs do not require investment, it just require a degree or skill.

Initial Earning:

Through business it is not sure that whether a person will earn profit, in first month; there is a risk of both a person can earn or loss money as well. In job, there is no risk of failure and it is sure that we will get a fixed amount of salary even in the first month.


Beyond first months if a business gets successful a person can earn in lacs per month or even in crores depending on the type of business but in case of job there is no such profit, if your initial salary was 50,000 it can reach maximum to 80,000 and in Pakistan this rarely happens. So in job you can earn a very limited amount of money.


For business, it is not necessary to have a specific qualification. One can start a business without any qualification as in case of food restaurant, there is no qualification required but in case of job, a person should be qualified enough to perform the task of that particular designation. And the interesting point is that businesses can earn more money than job holders.

Risk Factors:

The risk factor in business is loss but a wise business man always have a backup to cover its loss. But the risk factor in job is not a small loss, it’s about losing a complete job and you have no backup other than finding a new job and finding a new job is tricky in Pakistan.


Job vacancies are at limited scale in Pakistan. That’s why peoples are suffering much due to unemployment. Starting your own business does not only provide an opportunity to earn for oneself but it also increases job facilities for others. Business is very important to overcome unemployment.


“Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life.” – Steve Jobs

The growth in job very limited. The only growth is that when you are promoted or yearly increment. However, in business, there is a regular growth which has no limit.

Work Schedules:

In business a person can set its own schedules depending on their ease. However, in jobs there are fixed schedules which a person have to follow, willingly or unwillingly.


A vision is a future strategy that leads a company towards achieving particular goals if you have your business you can create and achieve goals with it to enhance your life. When you work you support someone’s else’s vision rather than achieving your own you might work in a position to realize a vision you believe in by looking for a company whose values coincide with your own.


Now it is up to you to decide whether you want to choose job or business they both have their own pros and cons. It basically depends on a person’s mindset and nature whether they want to take risk or not. Some people do not want to lose or invest money that’s why they prefer job over business. On general, people have broad mindset and bigger dreams they bend towards business because job can fulfill needs not luxuries.