Our Policies:

Our policy is designed to protect the interests of our clients and to comply with all applicable laws and regulations in Pakistan.

Policy Statement

No Transfer of Investment or Purchase Costs to Chaltakraobar Accounts:

Chaltakraobar Consultancy (SMC-PVT) Limited will never request or demand that buyers or sellers transfer any kind of investment, purchase costs, or any other funds into our bank accounts, except for consultation or service fees directly related to the services we provide.

Investment Management:

We do not engage in holding or managing investment funds for clients. We will never ask clients to transfer investment amounts to us with the promise of investing those funds into businesses on their behalf. All investment decisions and transactions should be made directly by the clients, ensuring full control over their investments.

Proper Banking Channels:

All transactions conducted by Chaltakraobar Consultancy (SMC-PVT) Limited, whether local or international, will be carried out through proper banking channels. We adhere to all government laws, rules, and regulations, ensuring that our practices are compliant with the applicable legal framework under the Companies Act 2017.

Compliance with Legal Standards:

Our consultancy services are provided in strict accordance with the laws and regulations of Pakistan. We ensure that all our business activities, including transactions and consultations, comply with the Companies Act 2017 and any other relevant legislation.

Client Responsibility:

Clients are responsible for conducting their due diligence and ensuring that any transactions or investments they undertake are legitimate and in their best interest. We recommend seeking independent legal or financial advice before making any investment decisions.

Contact Information

For any questions or concerns regarding this policy or any other matter, please contact us at:

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