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Charlie Chaplin LaVegano

Charlie Chaplin LaVegano

Charlie Chaplin LaVegano – global fast food is a quick-service restaurant that serves contemporary fast cuisine from a variety of nations.

Excellent comedy. Charlie Chaplin’s films are unforgettable, and this restaurant brings those memories back with Chaplin-themed restaurants full of fun, cuisine, and laughter.

The trademark was first registered in New York.

– UnitedVegan Pvt Ltd’s board of directors has extensive expertise in franchising, distribution, food and beverage, brand creation, and marketing. There are three franchise formats: dessert parlor/café, food court, and dine-in.

– The brand has hundreds of franchisees worldwide. UnitedVegan Pvt Ltd, based in Mumbai, holds the exclusive franchise throughout the SAARC area and has recently opened its first flagship restaurant.

– The revenue estimates stated are an estimate of what can be earned based on a market survey.

This is a franchise-owned company-managed format where the entire responsibility to set up the outlet, recruit train & manage staff, manage the day-to-day operations of the restaurant, audits, online & offline marketing is of the company. The franchisees responsibility is to manage the financials and release payments to vendors, staff, rent, utilities etc.

Support you can expect from the company:

Location selection, design & layout drawings, interior set up, staff recruitment training replacement & upgradation, kitchen counter restaurant & customer management, restaurant audits, restaurant marketing (online & offline)