Pakistan has a variety of industries and businesses you can buy into. A 9 to 5 work can be extremely dull and draining. And to be really honest, the majority of entry-level positions do not pay very well. You have to labor for nothing to make a good life for yourself.

However, you can always choose a business venture to free yourself from the inconveniences of a tedious 9 to 5 employment. There are a million different business concepts out there, each serving a distinct market.

Simply choose a business venture that won’t cost you an organ to launch, especially if you’re just starting out. Our main objective is to make money, thus it should also be financially viable and sustainable.

Commercial Property for Sale

If you have money sitting in your bank, try investing it in commercial real estate. In malls or shopping centers, bookstores and offices lend out space to other retail enterprises. You might expect gains of 5% or more on average. We have a commercial property for sale at Chalta Karobar.

Coffee shop or Drink Corner for Sale

Coffee, after crude oil, is the commodity that is most in demand globally, claims Business Insider. Over the past ten years, the business in Pakistan has tripled in size, and intriguingly, the core of the industry is no longer exclusively controlled by pricy and well-known brands. The food service sector is always changing. This could be a possibility with certain restrictions if you’re seeking the greatest business in Pakistan to start with 20 lakhs.

Hair and Beauty Salon for Sale

 Businesses in the food, textiles, cosmetics, and skincare industries stand out as being the most scalable. These small business concepts have expanded quickly over the past few decades, as we have seen. The greater the public interest in personal care, the more impetus such corporate activities gain.

If you want to start it as a business, you must consider a number of factors, including the best salon location, the best interior design, the best pricing structure, and, last but not least, the best marketing approach.

Hostel for Sale near me

You can put a house for sale in Islamabad and have someone use it as a hostel for girls as there is a dire need for good hostels. There are many societies in Pakistani cities where you can rent out a room or portion of your house to students that study in nearby universities.

Food Trucks for Sale

The area is buzzing with talk about food trucks. Your food truck can be launched with a 1.5 lakh down payment. Maintain a straightforward, hygienic menu. A great location will boost your sales and consumer base, thus it should be chosen.

People love to eat, unwind, and enjoy a tranquil setting. You may make a lot of money quickly if you have delicious food and a welcoming environment. You may easily make between one and 5 lakh each month. It is one of Pakistan’s newest enterprises.


You want to inform everyone about your most recent shopping haul, I see. Are you eager to share your thoughts on that new movie? Are you seeking a platform to communicate your ideas to others?

Don’t worry; a blog gives you a platform to share your opinions with the world. And what is the finest aspect of blogging? It may be quite lucrative. Affiliate marketing, Google AdSense, and sponsored content are all ways to make money online. Top real estate blogs can give you ideas on how to organize your content and how inventive you can be.

It is a hassle to grow followers in an organic manner. And now all of the followers you gain actively keep track of what you are posting. It takes years to gain a considerable amount of followers for your blog. If you want to blog through an account with a high number of followers, Chalta Karobar can provide you with it! Just head to our website and buy an account of your choosing. Happy blogging!

Internet Store

E-commerce websites are now replacing conventional retail stores. It’s a fantastic business choice due to its convenience, minimal inventory costs, and wide use. It is similar to the blogging idea, but you can earn not only through sponsors but also through sales!

Sitting at home, you can target a large number of potential customers. All you need is a website, an effective marketing plan, and a top-notch commodity or service. E-commerce websites are used by people to sell millions of goods and services. Examples include, but are not limited to, clothing, footwear, jewelry, books, technology, and so on.

By selling items online, people are bringing in a high income every month. Try selling products online on Instagram and Facebook if you currently cannot afford a website. We will provide you with accounts that have a high reach, you can find the best online business to start.

Invest in a Business

These are only some ideas that you can use to invest in a business. The options are limitless if you put your mind to them. Pakistan is a place with countless opportunities available. You can find many wholesalers near me to start a clothes business.

You should ideally have knowledge and experience in the business area to enter and not only sustain business success but also expand it to the next level. As an online business marketplace, we get customers every week looking to buy any company that generates revenue. This strategy is not one that we advise.

A safe and speedy approach to starting your own business might be to purchase an established and successful company, but you must consider the benefits and drawbacks of each option to choose which is best for you and your future.

 Chalta Karobar can provide you with a platform to build and establish your dream business and make Pakistan a business-friendly country! Just head to our website and buy a company of your choosing. Happy blogging!